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Best strings for bending?

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Hello everyone. I trying to find out what are the best strings to use for bending. I just learned the ending solo of Hotel California(can't play it well though Wink) and it has a lot of bends. With in the span of a week I've broken two strings while doing the bends. One set of strings I only had for a day and another set I've had for a week. I dont remember the brand of the first strings but the second set I bought were these strings. The strings were all 9 guages. Maybe Its something Im doing and if it is, is there any way to reduce string breakage. Been playing for a year and up until now I've never broke a guitar string while playing and it used make me feel that I wasnt playing right because I hear people break strings all the time. Now that I broke two new strings so close apart makes me feel Im gonna be spending a fortune on strings.

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I'm pretty sure all strings, even the same type, aren't perfectly consistent. I've broken plenty of strings. Some brand new and some ancient. You could try getting a thicker gauge of string, but there are other things which could be the problem.

You could be tuned too high. You could have over/underwound the strings. It could be a duff string. Etc.

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Clazon wrote: You could be tuned too high. You could have over/underwound the strings. It could be a duff string. Etc.

If you're continually breaking the same string, there could be a sharp edge somewhere (nut, bridge) etc. that is breaking the string.


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+1 for what Margaret said. Get the guitar checked, if you keep breaking the same string.

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As Margaret said, could have a metal burr or sharp edge causing string breakage. Could be the replacement strings you put on the guitar. Were they a different brand? Maybe the replacements were manufactured at the same time and there were some issues at the manufacturing site. Try a different brand, same gauge if the Bridge or nut are not the problems. 9's are supposed to be really easy to bend. 10's not as easy, but still easy enough to bend. You'd get use to em, but you might (just maybe) need to adjust your truss rod a touch going to a thicker string guage.

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Hope your not bending 5 steps. lol.

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I once broke a lot of strings in a short time and it made me wonder why..that was until I found out it was the plectrum I was using. I had been doing some pick scrapes wich caused a sharp edge on the side of the pick, that sharp edge teared my strings apart while strumming.

So also check your pick, see if it has a sharp edge or something. Some have sharp edges in the first place, better to use a bit of a thicker of more rounded edge pick.

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