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Best Way to Change From G to C/G

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I'm working on a song right now, "Visions of Johanna", which has a quick switch to C/G to accentuate the plain G chord. I'm playing the G with fingers 2,3,and 4. To change to C/G I need to bring my pinky all the way to the top of the fretboard and bring it all the back to get back to a G. Is there a quicker way to play this? I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, it sounds like such an effortless change. Thanks guys.

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There are different ways to play C/G. The easy change is to basically hold the G shape on the E strings, place your first two fingers like you would the C chord and instead of the second string holding C you mute it. To go back to G just release the first finger and move the second finger to the second fret, second string or just continue to mute that string.

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I'm still kind of new to this so it helps if I rationalize what I'm doing. A C chord has the notes CEG in it, right? And that's why it doesn't matter if I remove my finger on string 1, because its a G note which is part of a C chord? Thanks for responding so quickly, I really appreciate it.

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The best way to make that change is this:


i= index finger
m= middle finger
r= ring finger
p= pinky finger

For this change your ring and pinky fingers will not move. You simply lift your middle finger off the B note on the A string and place it on the E note on the D string. You also fret the C note on the B string with your index finger. When you play the C/G chord, allow your ring finger on the E string to touch the A string slightly muting it. With a little practice you will find it very easy to change back and forth between these two chords. This change is used in many songs.

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Sweet tip. Very helpful while working thru ZZ Top's Jesus Just Left Chicago.