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Buying First Guitar for my girlfriend

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Am wanting to buy my girlfriend a guitar for her birthday as she obviously wants to learn. Now I know not a thing when it comes to guitars and since I have been looking what started out as something that I thought would be not that difficult the choices are endless, my thoughts are that she is not the biggest person and I don't want her to not be able to get her hand around it to play notes etc. so just wondering if there is a certain brand or size I should be leaning towards for her to enjoy her knew hobby??
oh and she wants to learn accoustic..
thanks so much

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Fender make a nice Parlour size acoustic for sensible money; two of my students use them.

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Is she looking for acoustic?? Has she played any other guitars? Everyone is built diferent, and a small lady might be able to play a bigger guitar fine. A friend picked up a Taylor it was a mini GS or something like that... Real nice, and a little smaller, and shorter scale then a "normal" acoustic. One of the old Vintage style guitars might work also. A lot are based on the size/shape of the old Martin OO or OOO They tend to be a little smaller body size. I also like the smaller Alvarez Parlor size guitars. Nice sound, small body, and affordable price.

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Don't buy her a guitar... Take her guitar shopping. Go to as many guitar stores as you can, Have her sit down with every guitar they have in your price range, She will know which one feels best to her.


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Thanks do much for this advice, yes I wanted to take her shopping but the surprise is half the enjoyment of it.. she's very determined so if the first one is not ideal I will be back for more very helpful advice and I look forward to the serenades!

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I have surprised a friend at the store. I took him out for a ride, pulled up at the music store and said let's go in. he wanted to know why we came here. I told him, 'happy birthday'. we spent the afternoon looking and it was awesome.

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For the surprise, you can always make her a personalized gift certificate from you.

Make it big and wrap it up in a box. Wrap that box up in a bigger box, and wrap that one up in an even bigger one.

I too think it's important that it fits her hands and body comfortably. I did that with my wife and she ended up with a Parker. Light weight, slim neck, and contoured well.

She likes the way it looks and plays, and that goes a long way for her enjoyment.


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