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buzzing strings

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I just learned how to play the chords. I have one little problem though, the strings always buzz almost every time. Also, I have a jasmine acoustic guitar I got at Costco. Is that any good? I thank anybody for helping me out.

i want to be the next greatest rockstar. First, I need help.

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It could be that the guitar needs a setup.

If not that, technique has a lot to do with it. It took awhile for each of us to get the chords sounding right without the fret buzz.

It could be that you are not fretting the notes of the chord properly - ie: too far from the fret, etc. It could also be that your fingertips haven't developed enough callous yet. The callouses make it easier to properly hold the string.

I'm guessing here, of course, but it sounds like some more practice with those chords will help. Try to pay attention to which strings are buzzing and see if you can correct that by adjusting the position of your fingers or maybe the pressure that your applying to the strings.

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the strings always buzz almost every time.
This statement is a bit mixed but I will take the second half where you say ALMOST every time. Meaning sometimes you can play without buzzing.
This would indicate that you just need more practice.
I am not too confident in the quality of a guitar from Costco but it should get you through until you can upgrade to something better.

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I'll have to agree that the guitar may need to be set up. Perhaps your just not getting your fingers where they need to be when fretting a chord. Practice holding the chord without changing and just strumming adjusting your fingers ever so little to see if you find a spot where the chord sounds good and no buzzing.