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Can anyone help fig...
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Can anyone help figure out the chords here?

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I'm fairly new to guitar and not that great at picking out chords by ear yet. I'm trying to learn this song and I really love this guy's version since it has a sort of country flare to it. I've found different chords/tabs and they are either all different from each other or they don't match what he is playing. It's hard to see his fingers from the angle in this video but can anyone help me figure out what he is playing? Thanks in advance :)

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The acoustic version improves the song no end.

I get Eb, Ab, Cm, Bb - standard chords in Eb. Nothing by Jessie J goes outside the I-IV-vi-V pattern, "Price Tag" is just the same in F.

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Capo on the eighth fret means playing G, C, Em and D. Also sounds like he's keeping a finger on the eleventh fret of boith the high E and B strings to create different voicings. This technically turns the C to Cadd9, the Em to Em7 and the D to Dsus4. But one can use the standard chords just as well.

Hope this helps and welcome to Guitar Noise, by the way. Look forward to seeing you around here on the Forums.