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Can Anyone Recommend a Rythm & Timing Excercise?

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I am a beginner and after reading Jimmy Hudson's article on "Getting The Most Out of Your Practice", I decided that I am gonna give it a try. My question is this: What constitutes a Rythm excercise? Is it playing along with a metronome?
Hey, I am just asking!!! :o

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Playing along with a metronome certainly is a rhythm exercise, and so is any form of strumming or fingerpicking (with or without a metronome) so long as you're concentrating on keeping your rhythm clean and even.

The key, for beginners, is to start slowly. It's easier for most people to begin with exercises with single notes and then work on changing chords, but this also varies from person to person. A typical easy exercise is to do the "one finger per fret" routine - play a note with your index finger on any particular string, then put your middle finger on the next fret closer to the body and play that, then the ring finger and then the pinky. This is great because it works on a four beat count (most songs tend to be in 4/4 timing).

But there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of things you can do.

Hope this helps and welcome to GN, by the bye.