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Can Someone help me with this strumming pattern

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hi, i'm pretty new to guitar playing. I'm playing for a couple months, and one of my favorite bands has this song: . I know the chords and i can switch the chords, but im stuck at the strumming. Can someone help me with the strumming. This is the link:

P.S the chords are Am G C Em F

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Which particular part of the strumming? Most of it's very simple and straightforward, playing heavy on the first and second beat with a light upstroke on the second half of the second beat but he adds sixteenth note strokes every now and then to punch up a particular part of the song.

The easiest way to get strumming like this down is to count the beats along with the music and tap your hand on your leg or on a desk or table top as he's playing. You'll find yourself getting it right more often than not.