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Chord transition su...
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Chord transition sucks.

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Watched a bunch of videos about chord transition, but it is still bad.

Play 1e chord, brain freeze, play 2th chord, brain freeze, play 3th chord, brain freeze, repeat.

Chords I practice: C, G/B, Am, F.

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Why not got for some lessons from a real live tutor?

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Don't have the money right now for it, but I try to keep up until I have.

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Well, G, B (the barre chord) and F are not easy chords. G isn't advanced, but B and F certainly are.

Try Eto Am, Am to Am. It took me a couple months of 15mins to 2 hours day to get C to G7 and back again. G to D was a hard one too.

It takes time. Go slow. Speed up as you get comfortable. Always work outside your comfort zone.

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