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Chords for Mimicking Birds- Remnants and Pictures?

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I've been looking all over the place and trying on my own to figure out the chords to this song and have gotten a few of them. I just can't seem to figure out the chords in the chorus. I was wondering if someone with a better ear than me may be able to pick up what they were.

Here is a youtube link to the song:

So far I seem to have these chords:
C with a pull-off
x35553 ---> x35533
Em7? with some pull-off action
x20030 ---> x20010 ---> x20000
Some variation of an F?
133200 ---> 133210

Those seem to be the chords for the verses.. But when the song hits around the 0:50 second mark I can't seem to figure any of it out. I think there's only two missing chords that I can't find here.

Would really appreciate any help on this, as this is one of my favorite bands right now!