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Classic Jimmy Page sound. Help plz.

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Thanks everyone for the help, wow!

Well, I wasn't able to improve in my guitars.. at all. I wasn't able to get a new one or anything, however I was able to get a larger amp that had more settings and more versatility, which did help me get a wider variety of tones. I also picked up one of those new version of the Vox Wah, for quite cheap, and I love it's sound. I've stopped trying to get the real Jimmy Page tone, I know I can't do it with my gear, and I just can't afford better stuff. I have been practicing and working on just that fat sounding 70's tone in general. The type of tone you might hear in early 70's obscure stoner rock, or hard rock. Like... in most songs off of Hard Stuff's first 1972 album, or Montrose's debut album. It seems that most guitarists of that sound jammed with a Les Paul, and there's just not many ways around that fact, but I've gotten quite close with my little Ibanez and my new Marshall amp, and a little research.

Thanks all for the help and advice, I've read through each post carefully, and taken all variations into consideration and I appreciate the hospitality here. :)

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You're welcome. Nice of you to drop in and let us know how it's going....I love it when old threads get resurrected! Don't be a stranger...always nice to see updates.

:D :D :D


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i know he used fuzz a lot(fuzzface types would probably be closer than big muff types to his sound), and sometimes would leave a wah on, cocked down to get a trebly sound.

regardless of gear, though, most of it's going to come from the way you play, so if you can't play like him, gear's not going to change that. if you can, disregard that last sentence.

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Lord know I love gear, but you don't need gear to sound like Jimmy. You need chops!

Keep practicing and you'll be able to play Communication Breakdown in no time.

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