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Sorry if I'm in the wrong place but here goes........

I was checking out Comcast On Demand and found a Guitar Lessons section. Some of the lessons are pretty good. I wonder if anyone knows where these can be accessed on the internet??? I've tried the website addresses that are posted on the lessons but typically they do not work. Any help out there?


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According to the comments, this is one of the videos on Comcast On Demand.

If you want instructions and "lessons" on how to play certain songs, which is what I am guessing is the Comcast stuff after reading the comments on the video above, there are plenty of fantastic sites on the net that doesn't cost a thing. is a good one.

I've seen quite a few videos of this guy:

If I didn't have the opportunity to get private lessons from David Hodges here (which I don't), I would like to get private lessons from this guy (which I also can't):

I haven't looked at this guy yet, but I have it saved in my favorites to check out some time:

Lot's of song tutorial type videos on youtube and the net.

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As to your original question are they online don't know.

Actually I was going to post something about Comcast, and since you brought it up: they also have a section of gear reviews, there's always about 10-15 reviews that are about 10 minutes on anything from new guitars to multi-fx, etc. in case anyones interested.


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