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Complete Newbie in need of direction

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Just wanted to say hey everyone my name is Zeb and I am complete newbie to the guitar. I am actually a complete newbie to playing an instrument period. I don't know a whole lot about music in general. I grew up playing, eating, breathing, and sleeping sports. But I have always wanted to play an instrument especially the guitar. I finally told myself I am going to get me one and just do it!

My first problem is I don't know which guitar to get first as far as acoustic or electric. I like all kinds of music like rap,rock,classic rock,some country, and spanish type music. I'm leaning towards acoustic because no need for an amp can just pick up and play. I've also read its good to start on an acoustic first. Although that might not be true.

Another problem is I am left handed 100 percent. I do everything with my left hand. So I would like to get me a left handed guitar. Not many stores hold a lot in stock so can anyone give some good ones to look at? I would like to keep it under 200 dollars being my first guitar and don't know where this is going to lead too.

I have a couple other concerns but I'll save that for later. Things like being not very up on music terminology or understanding concepts of music period. Anyways this site seems awesome and glaf to start learning from it. Thank you

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Hi Zeb
It's great that you're taking up guitar...enjoy the ride!

I would definitely say that you should start on acoustic and learn the basics that way first. Acoustic is a much better instrument to play on your own without being part of a band, it sounds cool plus it's always to setting up required!

If you are a complete beginner then my advice would be to have a go at playing right handed. I know it may feel odd at first but I have taught 2 lefties in my time...both complete beginners and they were able to pick it up right handed. It would be more difficult if you were already playing left handed. Try it :)

It will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, plus it means that you can just pick up any guitar and play without the restriction of it being strung for a right handed player, so it's win win.

Really good luck with it.
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There's no reason why you shouldn't start on an electric guitar, but you do have to consider amps as well as guitars.

No particular recommendations; you local shop will have a very limited supply of left-hander guitars, and some manufacturers simply ignore the left-hander completely, so you'll have to pick from what they've got. In reality, you're not 100% left handed; phones, PCs and calculators are only made in right-handed versions, as are piano keyboards, so you do have some capability both ways. Hold your knife in the right hand when you eat?

Do try right handed guitars just to make sure. On day one, they'll be just as difficult.

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I am a left hander as well, I started learning guitar right handed and so glad I did. If you're a blank slate, I recommend going righty. I'm pretty new to guitar, though I'm a music teacher by trade, flute and piano trained professionally. I feel like I'm back in kindergarten with guitar, but it's fun to learn. Good luck!!