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copyright question

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Sheesh! What a bunch of cheapskates! :shock:


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at 35 bucks a pop, i'd have to drop a few grand to copyright all my songs.
so, not to belabor the point, what is the process for copyrighting the whole batch at once?

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I've spent quite a lot of money over the years coprighting songs. You can put a bunch of songs on one copyright (form PA) under one title (you pick whatever title for the compilation), and then later after you get the official copyright number for the title (after months of waiting for it to go through the system), you can then use form CA (Corrections and Amplification form) to individually register every song that was on the original form PA.
Be forewarned though, the fee for the CA form went up to $100 a couple of years ago. It used to be $20 at one time, but not anymore.

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35$ per song! That is expensive compared to Sweden. Here you just register your song on the STIM-website for free. And on our copyright-webpage they recommend the "poor mans copyright"!

Well, 35$ is not that much, if you actually make money on your songwriting, but it's a bit much for the casual songwriter sitting at home and copyrighting "just in case".

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