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Creating your own works

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I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum, but I couldn't really find another section suitable for this.

Anyways, my question is should one go about writing their own songs for guitar? Mind you, I have no other musicians around me that can do backing tracks or anything. What I mainly want to do is about the same as an artists' "unplugged"/"acoustic" albums, where there's just mainly vocals and guitar. I've tried searching the forums, but "write songs" apparently isn't as helpful of a keyphrase as one might think...and, well, Google gives me more "Guitar Hero" stuff than I'd like. I've asked on other forums as well, but the more opinions, the better, for me.

(For those who remember me, I've gotten better, lol...better at chords, keys/scales, and a bit of music theory.)

Edit: I'm not really looking for solo stuff (I've looked through the articles on improvising and stuff on GN, also)...just, creating songs.