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D7, Pitch, Tone and...
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D7, Pitch, Tone and G

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At the moment I keep strumming G for about 4 times, then going onto D7 (although I'm still having trouble with the 3rd finger touching the second string) and I keep doing this over and over again, I've been doing it for about 10 minutes and I can nearly memorize where my fingers have to go for G. Is this a good idea although my finger isnt doing the right thing in the D7 chord?

Also, My little cousins been round and shes been fiddling with the Tone and Pitch twisty things on my guitar, I dont have a clue what it was on before, any ideas what I could put them to?

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I think your fine just keep doing it over and over and over and matter how frustrated you feel you will get it.

As for the knobs on the guitar, not a big deal. There's no right or wrong place. They are there so you can fine tune the sound your trying to acheive. At this point it shouldn't matter that much. But you can try setting them to the mid point of each and then keep adjusting them to see how it sounds.

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sounds like you are doing thing fine.
it will all become easier. I still sometimes muffle a note with my finger. it's usually a D or Dm when all my fat fingers have to jam close together.

play through it. dont bog down with micro accuracy. as long as the chord sounds nd vibrates good to your ear then it's fine.

it's good that you are visualizing the next chord. it all helps.