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Decided to finally ...
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Decided to finally buy a guitar...

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Well, I've been reading these forums for a while and I finally decided to sign up and get started. I'm 22 years old and I've wanted to learn guitar for quite sometime but never actually took the plunge of buying a guitar and trying to learn. Recently I decided with Christmas coming up it was the perfect time to get started. I've been reading tons of articles, forums, and the like to get a good idea of what I want and where to look for the best equipment. I have a $550 (Maybe a bit more if I really need to spend the extra cash) and I've got my mind set on getting an electric guitar and amplifier. I'm planning on going to the store in the next few weeks and despite all my research I still feel intimidated by walking into the guitar store. So, I figure if you guys could give me some advice on what brands to ask for and try as far as guitars and amps go then I might feel a little more comfortable in my search for the "right" guitar and amp. I'm planning on learning to play in a rock/bluesy style of guitar and maybe a bit harder stuff here and there such as metal. Also, if you guys want to give me some suggestions on anything else I should pick-up I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for the help in advance and I just want to say that finding this place has helped to take the weight off my shoulders as far as getting started in this new hobby. You really have a great community here and I'm glad to have a chance to join.