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distortion noise

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well I recently picked up a new vox ad30vt amp and have been messing around with it A LOT. However, I've encountered a new problem I've never had before...with any of the songs I play that need sounds crappy because the strings keep ringing once I've switched to the next chord and it just sounds I've started just to mute all the strings after I do a power chord or whatever. What is the proper thing to do to avoid this and get a cleaner sound?

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when I have so nice distortion going and want to get into a rhythm grrove but not sound all garbled I use right hand damping. it is so simple.
using the fleshy part of your hand; between your pinky and the wrist. touch the strings while playing.
use your feel to control the sustain. damp the vibrating strings. there are many variations to try.
you get the chuggachugga sound in metal that way.
another word for it is palm muting.
have fun.
sometimes pulling back on the distortion settings a hair actually produces better distortion when you start working the strings. etc