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Does this amp exist...
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Does this amp exist?

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Hey guys im looking for an amp that i can plug my strat into and get nice clean tones then plug my les paul into and get killer tight bottom end crunch/solo sound. I just need it to be loud enough for my bedroom and hopefully not be a fortune.

any suggestions? thanks.

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I would suggest a 1-5 Watt tube amp. If you want good overdrive I think the only options are tube amps, but I don't know what to recommend. Just try some and find out what you like.

You might like the Blackstar HT-1, but I don't know how good clean tones it produces.

This video convinced me:

. If I didn't already own a Blackstar HT-Dual and a valve amplifier I would get it.

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Fender superchamp - carvin belair - I've owned both good little amp - well made, great tone. The modeling things are good at bedroom levels too.

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orange amp tiny terror

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Marshall MG10 maybe worth a look as well.

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It might be a bit loud, and pricy... But I fell HARD for the Marshall Class5!!! I never played a strat through one, but did play a P90 filled LP, and a HB filled LP. I dont know about clean... but I would call it a "thick clean" at lower vol's, but cranked up.... OMG it was full of goodness!!

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Love the class 5 but the clean through a strat is not a thing of beauty.