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drum machine?

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I'm quickly learning that I'm terrible when there are other instruments around me playing along. When I'm alone, I'm always "on time" in my own mind.

I have Garageband on my mac and I've been messing around with drum loops. Are they customizable and flexible? For example, if I want to create 4 bars of rhythm and include fills at certain points, would I be better off with a drum machine?

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You can use the GB drum loops and also you can create drum loops from scratch. You can also import drum loops created with another program and saves as midi files.

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let's say there's a song that i like to play along with and i only want the rhythm section. is there any mac software out there that will strip the vocals? (i don't necessarily need to import it to garageband)

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macguy787, you should be able to customize drum loops on garage band, a drum machine is nice but that too would need to be programmed for specific songs. I have a Boss Dr Rhythm that I have owned for years and it is ecellent but what I use right now is MIDI backing tracks. Programming the machine got to be a drag as I just want to play guitar and sing.

So what about MIDI tracks?

Can you make your own? Yes

Can you download ready made ones? Yes

Can you alter and customize the ones you download? Yes

I have an old computer (plan to use my laptop for live applications) plugged into the mixer. You could use anything though, old home stereo, spare amp ect... You can even convert the MIDI files to MP3 and use an IPod plugged into a stereo PA or amp. I get a lot of stuff here. Backing tracks ready to go right out of the box.

I use this free program to edit stuff.

What kind of music do you like to play? Lots of variety out there.

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I have an excellent drum machine in the Dr Rhythm DR880. This thing really helped me in my timekeeping as a bassist. I think its an indespensable tool. My teacher always wanted me to do every practice seesion with a metronome, and I did, til I got the drum machine. Its way better, it helps you to get over that "Playing with someone" business, and really helps me keep better time. I think anything you are using with any kind of programmed beat is better than nothing, but In my opinion, nothing beats a good drum machine.

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Hi, I am using Garageband a lot, putting together drum tracks to play along to. It's pretty flexible, and if you get the Rhythms Section Jam Pack, you'll have thousands of track/fills to work with. You can also import any other tracks you like to create rhythms. I love it. I also use a Boss Dr Beat DB-60 metronome which has a whole lot of rhythms built-in, and they are somewhat customisable. It's gone a phone-output which I use to plug it into my stereo or even an amp at times.