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Easy lead songs

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Have recently tried my hand on electric guitar, anyone any suggestions for easy lead guitar songs...?

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Give "Birthday" by the Beatles a try. It's a lot of fun.

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Santana - Europa(most of it anyway).

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I think it depends on what genre you want to learn but i'd say some clapton stuff isn't to bad.

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A couple of the 1st ones I learned that weren't too hard are:

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Living After Midnight - Judas Priest

Deuce - Kiss


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Don't know what style of music you are into, but for simple guitar solos it's hard to beat Creedance Clearwater Revival. Most of John Fogerty's solos are very slow and easy to play, but don't think they aren't great solos, they are. John knew how to hit just the right note at the right time, something many fast guitarists never figure out.

David Gilmore of Pink Floyd is the same. Not too hard to copy or play, but fantastic solos nonetheless.

And George Harrison sounds easy until you try to play it. 8)

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"Wonderful Tonight" - Eric Clapton.

Suprisingly Clapton has alot of songs that have an easy lead line. Alot of his newer stuff has easy lead lines.

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Easy solos:

Sleepwalk-Santo and Johnny/Larry Carlton and others
(Somewhere) Over The Rainbow - just about every jazz guitarist
Yesterday - Beatles-Laurence Juber and everyone else

A bit more difficult but worth the effort
Fields of Gold - Sting-Tommy Emanuel-Larry Carlton and others

I find that most Carlos Santana songs, like Europa, start out easy and get progressively difficult but they are worth every hour of practice it takes to master them.

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I don't know what you mean by lead songs, but I found Rush's Limelight to be fairly easy to learn (by ear even). The solo isn't difficult either.

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all the small things<blink 182

seven nation army<the white stripes (if you are playing in a band this one is beyond simple, if you don't have a bass player then you could always use a pedal to tune down an octave.)

everywhere<michele branch (the acoustic version {the one she plays the guitar for} is mostly just strummed chords, however the electric version ihas a fairly repetative picking part that with a little practice sounds great.

my band covered these songs in our original set, mostly these were picked because they were really easy for everyone to learn. especially seven nation army. the bass player and myself had actually printed off the tabs that day in school, I showed the othe guitarist the chords and worked out the solo, our drummer listened to the song twice and our vocalist sang the lyrics off a sheet. Amazingly to us it actually sounded really good the first time we ran through it.

anyway hope these help :D

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I found 'Running Free' by Iron Maiden quite an easy tune to play as a beginner (apart from the solo parts).

Mind you, as a huge fan of Maiden I knew the song fairly intimately too which helped with timing etc.

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