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effects pedals basics

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So I'm new to both the instrument and effects pedals...I have noticed that most effects do not have an on/off switch, and instead are switched on by the act of plugging a 1/4 cable into the input. Have you guys and girls found that all of this plugging and unplugging prematurely ages the socket? I know I have had terrible problems with 1/4 and 1/8 plugs in the past, so I don't like the idea of constantly plugging and unplugging. Also a terrible pain to reach down and plug stuff in if I have 3 or 4 pedals daisy chained.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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If you are worried about the jack wearing out , an option for you is to forego using a battery in the effect pedal and use an A/C to D/C adapter instead . That way you could leave the cord plugged in and just turn off the power when you're not using it . That is assuming your pedal has a jack for the D/C input .

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