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eMedia Guitar Method

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This sounds like some really good software to learn with. Has anyone used it?

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Yes I have it. There are some reviews on it here on GN. I don't care for it myself but it will teach you the basics. It requires quicktime which I can't stand and you cannot turn off the guy who does the singing, other then that its great for the very beginner.

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I've found it to be very useful especially with my timing which was something I was really struggling with. Being able to play along with a video or sound file really helps. You can also record yourself.

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It was very helpful when you are picking up a guitar for the first time. I used it a couple years ago to get me started.

I just bought emedia songs volume one to try it out to learn a couple songs I like and it is also very helpful for the 30 bucks. There is more information here than I got out of a half dozen lessons at $30 a pop. 8)

If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

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I travel a lot with work. When I started playing guitar the emedia software really helped a lot. It provided me with structured lessons at a time when I was unable to attend lessons with an instructor.