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Epiphone DOT Deluxe Flametop Semi Hollowbody

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Hey everyone,
I'm note sure if my previous post went through so I'm going to post the same one. I'm not meaning to post twice if thats what happens.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this guitar? I friend of mine is willing to sell it to me for 150-200 dollars and it costs 350 at Its unplayed (he doesn't play guitar!). Brand new.

Obviously I'm going to play this thing before I buy it, but is this deal just too good to pass up. Is this a good guitar (worth 350)?

This is my first electric so I don't know much about them, but I was planning on my first guitar being a fender or squire or something, b/c it seems to fit the genres I want to play in? Is this guitar mostly for jazz and stuff? I guess that last question is for the ones who have one.

Thanks in advance!