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Expert comments required

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Hii Guys,
I know u must have heard about this a lot many times. :roll: Specally all you experienced people and teachers. But here is a guy who has just brought a guitar and wants advice from you guys as how to start playing. :P I am a Working-Student that is why I get only 1/2 hour during weekdays and 1 hour during weekends. Although only unbeatable intrest and will to learn the guitar made me buy a new Guitar with the help of my friend but unfortunately I not abel give even 2 hours for Class although if given the right path I can practice everyday. :D I hope you people reply soon.

Eagerly waiting for your mail. :arrow: :( :lol: :shock:

Sincerely Yours



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Hello and welcome to GN.

Read the sticky "What you have learned about guitar".

It will give you an idea of what other guitarists, such as yourself, have experienced in their early days. It also has advises on how to come up with a well balanced practice routine.

Cheers and Let it Rolllll baby ROlllll ... :)

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Hi there and welcome. A few things to help you -

1. If in doubt - ASK! There is always someone on here that will answer any question you have
2. No question is too dumb
3. Practice practice practice

Start off learning some basic chords, maybe Am, D, Em and C, and practice switching between them. Take is SLOW - get your finger placement right. It will take time for your fingers to "remember" where to go, but it will get better.

Try to work through some of the begginners songs on the lessons sections of this site. Read as much begginners articles as you can.

But the bottom line - play as much as you can at the start, at least every day, even if its only for 15 minutes. And don't worry that your fingers will hurt like mad to start with - its normal. Until they build up some tough skin on the tips (callouses) you will find it slightly painful.

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I have to say it's very unlikely you'll be able to suceed.

I'm not talking about the guitar of course just the 30mins/1 hour sessions :) I'm like, I'll just have a quick 15 minutes practice...hour and a half later 'Oh crap WHAT time is IT??!?!?'

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lol - I'm the same as reasonableman... I get home late from work after an 1.5 hr commute on a hot London train. I pick my guitar up each night when I get home as I've only been playing a few months. I think to myself, right, 15 to 30 mins - before I know it, it's past midnight and I've gotta go to bed so that i can get up and commute back into work to start the process all over again...'s the guitar part of my day that is keeping me going!

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Well, I phoned in sick this morning, and I've just stopped for lunch after 90 minutes with my guitar. I'll probably do another couple of hours this afternoon. Then tonight, when I would normally have a student but he's on holiday, I shall probably clock up another hour.

The answer to your question, Aneesh, is to get playing something ASAP. Check out "Horse With No Name" on this site - one song, two chords, can't go wrong. 15 minutes a day and you'll have it nailed in a very short space of time.

Keep us posted about how it's going.


A :-)

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Crickey Alan, I live in Benfleet...

One question for you (local knowledge test) - my wife bought my guitar as a surprise xmas present from MJ's Music in Basildon, I think the action is set-up too high although I have stuck with over the past few months and i seem to be getting along fine... I'm thinking of taking it back and getting them to check the action - do you know this shop and if so how do they rate?

Any other local knowledge (shops etc) that might help an acoustic beginner?

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