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F and B

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I am having big problems with these chords. I can't for the life of me manage the B, and I have to do a half assed F Help! For the love of god Help!


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How long have you been playing? These are barre chords and it sometimes takes a while to get the hang of them. If you're very new to guitar, you might want to wait a bit before tackling them.

Take a look at this site. It's got some good photos that might help you as you work on barre chords:

How to Play Barre Chords -- acoustic guitar magazine.

See if that resource helps.

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I've been playing two years, and bar chordes are still tricky, although they are getting better, smoothly transitioning to a bar chord seems to be my problem.

"Cheater F chord" Partial bar.....
The F chord can be made by barring the E, and B strings with your index finger at first fret, your middle finger on the G string second fret, and your ring finger on the D string third fret. Strum the bottom four strings. This is a little easier than the full E- type bar chord at the first fret. This is an easy way to transition from the C chord to an F chord, you will often find find a C to F chord, or F to the C chord.

The B chord, Now this is a tough one, to make an A type bar at the second fret using your second, third and fourth fingers, I cant do that one yet, to make the same chord using your ring finger to bar the D, G, B strings, well my ring finger wont bend enough to allow this. What I have found is I can make the full bar using my index finger. and bar the D,G,B strings with my pinky this possible. Another B chord I fake is using an A chord at the fourth fret but only strumming the middle four strings, this is not exactly a B chord but its close enough that I will try it and see how it sounds. You can also make an e-type bar at the 7th fret, but I'm usally playing up to close to the headstock to get down to the seventh fret quickly and smoothly.

All this to say, that sometimes there are easier ways to make chords. I think learning to play bar chords is important, but until you get the point where you can play them well ( which may takes years) there are often times when other chord shapes will work.

Best of luck

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I have to agree, don't get yourself discouraged right away, you can play chords in other ways and still play your guitar and have fun with it, practice your Barr Chords when you can, just realize you can play guitar
and do well, someday you can add the Barr Chords in.