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Fender Rumble 25 Amp Not Working

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So as title implies I have a rumble 25 amp to practice on in my office. Plugged in my bass turned on amp, can hear a buzz letting me know the amp is on, can get sound through the Aux In port, but can't generate sound by playing the instrument. If I slap REALLY hard on the bass I can get a breeep sound, but then it immediately cuts out and won't register any sound.

I've tried it on 2 separate basses with 2 separate input cords. Both basses play fine on my other GK amp that I have set up in my garage/jam space.

Any thoughts on what it could be? Is it worth the cost of trying to repair? Where, or to whom would I take an amp to get repaired (I checked Guitar Center website and it doesn't sound like they work on amps)?

Appreciate any tips or help.

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Like Mr tree said, if it's in the warranty period, take it in. If not, it's a grounding problem. I have had many of these. Usually a ground wire would come lose or the insulation comes out. In my case it was those old style aluminium(?) contacts that's you crump together. It had come off after years of rust and cockroaches thriving. I cannot tell you where the problem could be because in my experience, I got that buzzing when grounding wire was isolated at any point.