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What's the difference between a Squire Strat and a Standard made in Mexico? I know the American series are made in USA but I see used Squires and Standards/MIM for sale and I'm not sure of the difference if there is any. Is it the same guitar?

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Squier is the Fender budget line or entry level guitar, the affinity squier is the least expensive and lowest quality. they are made overseas and they have improved quality control vastly in recent years. some here at GN will swear by them.

the trade off between them and MiM Fenders (mexi) is usually in quality of hardware, materials, and quality control. the MiM Fenders have parts such as necks and bodies made at the US factory in Corona and assembled in mexico.

MiA Fenders are completely made and assembled in the US, the quality control is much higher (some will rightly argue this) and the hardware is of higher quality.
there are also Fender guitars made overseas (japan, korea) such as the recently re-released strat 12string and several other models as well
here is a link to a tour of the fender USA factory a few years back