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Finding chords to a...
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Finding chords to a song

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I have just started to learn how to find the chords to songs by ear and am not very good at it. I was wondering if someone could help me with a certain song I have been trying to figure out.

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when I was beginning guitar and wanted to learn a song I used the low E string to find the right note. typically, that would be the root note of a chord. it was a start.
what song are you working on?

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Totally agree with Dogbite. Finding the root note on the low (or high) e-string is a good start.

Let us know what song you'd like to learn and I'm pretty sure we can help (unless you're asking for something like the Goldberg Variations, in that case I will have to take a pass.... 8) ..)

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Also try google. If you want the chords to the song closer to the heart by rush, I'd use a query like:

"closer to the heart chords" and see what came up. Please the easy song forum here on this site has a ton it its collection.


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great suggestion BigLar. I use

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Posts: 4338 is an excellent resource for beginning guitarists. I've been recommending it for years! Check under their "Resources" and you'll find an interactive chord chart that will give you alternate fingerings for the same chord. Those are fun to play with.

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What they said. BUT - learning songs by ear is terrific practice. I would encourage you to keep doing that - at least until you get stuck. Then go see what Internet has to say about it.
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Hey Shadow Guitar

The hardest part in the beginning is learning songs by ear. But here is a chance for you to massively grow your guitar playing.

The suggestion of trying to find the root note of the chord is a great one. once you've found the route, try to determine if you think the chord is "happy" or "sad" for lack of better words.

The happy sound is major, the sad is minor.

Maybe the chord does not fit neatly into these two categories but at least it gives you a starting point.

If you're lucky, it's just a power chord that you are looking for.