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Finger Drills

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Does anyone know any good finger stretching drills I could do? :)


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Hi Chlo

I asked a very simular question a fair while ago

hope this works click on the link

scroll down till you see my second post on this page

I do this every day for the past 14 months or so and my fingers can reach places I never thought was possible

Hope it helps you

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Thats Excellent:

1. 1-2-3-4
2. 1-2-4-3
3. 1-3-2-4
4. 1-3-4-2
5. 1-4-2-3
6. 1-4-3-2

7. 2-1-3-4
8. 2-1-4-3
9. 2-3-1-4
10. 2-3-4-1
11. 2-4-1-3
12. 2-4-3-1

13. 3-1-2-4
14. 3-1-4-2
15. 3-2-1-4
16. 3-2-4-1
17. 3-4-1-2
18. 3-4-2-1

19. 4-1-2-3
20. 4-1-3-2
21. 4-2-1-3
22. 4-2-3-1
23. 4-3-1-2
24. 4-3-2-1

I'd use the numbers as my Fingers:

1= Index
2= Middle
3= Ring
4= Pinky

Then I'd start on the 7th fret on the 1st String (High E) and do each Excersise on each string and as I work my way up to the 6th Sring (Low E), then slide down a fret (to the 6th), then repeat back down to the first string, then REPEAT :)

There's so many patterns there you could "Warm up for an hour" :)

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I think i'm gonna actually try using those exercises, they might not be the most exciting but they'll probably work.


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The instructor my son and I see gave us very similar exercises several weeks ago. You can extrapolate a bit and do 2 and 3 finger exercises too:
123 213 312 412
124 214 314 413

Where the 'finger' is missing, just skip it. For example, on the 412, just leave out the ring finger.

If you want exercises that help with finger independence, check this out on (scroll down a bit and look at the images and read about the 'hand jive'):

Ths is one of the first finger 'exercises' my instructor gave me last fall when I started seeing him.

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I was checking out that hand jive part. Whoa, that is tough. I figured I did alright with my fingers. But after working on that hand jive I don't know. But thanks for posting that. Now I have something to work on with out my guitar. I suppose the more I try to accomplish with and with out my guitar the improvements will appear.

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If you are into the Beatles, try Blackbird (from the white album)... It's a great song and a great way to really stretch your fingers... I play it for warm up on occasion...

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