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Fingerpicking DVDs Would u Recommend?

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Much appreciated.

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In what genre, and what level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?

On the Homespun search page, you can specify "fingerstyle guitar" under Style and DVD under Media; you'll get three pages of hits:

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I ahve this one, but plenty more to choose from...

A note from Stefan about which to choose.


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I have 2 DVDs of Townes Van Zandt live concerts, its not lessons but a live show is just as good and not as boring. One of them is Live in Amsterdam and you can find it on . The other is Townes Live in Houston and you may have to surf around for a while to find that one. He is a superb fingerpicker and not too bad of a songwriter either. I personally do not use thumb or fingerpicks, but I get the sound that I want.

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Here's a site that has just about every book/DVD that's available,