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Fingerpicking Excercises

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I've been playing a while now and I think I've gotten pretty good with changing chords and strumming (good enough to feel comfortable playing and singing in front of other people at least.) I've been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan lately and after hearing "Girl from the North Country" and "Don't Think Twice - It's Alright" I got really amped into learning to play these songs. My intial attempts have been rather disasterous however, and while I can get the bass line moving, the melody sounds terrible. Are there any excercises one can do to make it sound as fluid and natural as it's supposed to? Or should I just keep pecking away at the songs (that's how I've learned everything else...)?

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Have been playing those songs a lot. Do not have a secret to share tho' - or, I would say practice just the main patterns without any chord changes

DTTIA: [Beat 1]Thumb(5. string), [2]Index&Ring(4&2), [3]T (6), [&]M(3), [4] I (4)[&] R(2)
Same except you stay on only the 6th string with your thumb throughout in GftNC

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Good luck - you need to play it on autopilot in order to play the harmonica also.


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Here's a couple of David Hodge's lessons to work thru.

I'm not sure if you are beyond those or not (I'm certainly learning from them).

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