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Free Video Lesson Of Jimmy Page's Over The Hills & Far A

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Good day my fellow guitar players,

I have been a member of this forum for approximately 2 years, and not very active (lately). I started out in the sunday song writers section, and my love for the guitar has only grown. (You can search my name to see how old my posts are haha =D)

Recently I met a Berklee graduate and was floored by his sheer talent and ability.

We had lessons together weekly and my fingers began dancing in ways I never imagined possible! Hopefully you are familiar with what it's like to have your guitar playing abilities taken to the next level. Progress is the most exciting thing no matter what field you are involved in.

After about a month of playing with my teacher and mentor, I told him how many more people he could help if he only had the resources to do so. You see I have been the one editing and producing these videos, and before I edit them I get to take the lessons. They are so incredibly fun. It's like having a friend to play along with whenever you want, at 2 AM in the morning, or 8:30 before you head off to work. Guitar lessons on your time =D

You can get your hands on the very first pilot version of Jimmy Page's Over The Hills & Far Away for FREE.

The bandwidth will probably disappear quickly so I am not sure how many will be sent out, I want to send as many as possible because the feedback is crucial.

Check out for more information.