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It's probably bad form to post a direct link here, and I don't want it to appear like I'm spamming, so I'll just post my question and let the chips fall as they may.

For starters, let me say that I already own enough guitars (for now), so I am NOT considering another.

But I was browsing one of my favorite musical instrument sites and I happened across something called a Fretlight guitar. Having never heard of the brand, I sought to learn more.

Turns out Fretlight makes electric and acoustic guitars with a wrinkle: there are LED lights in the fretboard. Using Bluetooth connectivity, one can play a song (using specific apps) on a phone or a tablet, and the lights on the fingerboard light up showing which notes to play. Songs can be slowed down, looped, etc. so that one can practice specific sections (leads, solos, rhythm patterns) to one's heart's desire.

My goodness, this kind of technology didn't exist when I was growing up learning guitar. Has anyone tried such a system? Does it work? What about the guitars, are they actually quality instruments (they run about $400, but there's a model that is in the $800 range)? Will using such a system really help one become an accomplished guitar player? Your thoughts, please.

Duke Ellington said it best: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"

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I can't answer that, but i can tell you I've been sorely tempted to get one.