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Getting Better At Guitar

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Hi Everyone,

I've been playing for around 40 years. I got pretty decent in that time, however something was always sorta "missing".

I've had a few teachers in the past. All were really good players and really nice people. However, not that great for teaching. Most, if not all, were on what I'd call the "One Song Per Week Method". I'll tell ya, that just does NOT really work. Not at all. If you don't understand and really get the basic principles of playing guitar right, you will just hamper yourself with bad practice methods.

A few months ago I was doing a certain VERY specific practice almost all the time and suddenly it ALL just sort of clicked. My playing got tons better. I've tried to capture that in this video. Due to my not being all that great with video, it did NOT come out all that well, but it gets my basic point across. There's also a bunch of my recordings here :

Around 10 years ago I came across this site: and I actually took one online video lesson with Jamie a while ago. THIS is very much in line with my own thinking about how to get better. I'm trying to teach this in my neighborhood in 1-on-1 lessons. If you do nothing else, go to that site and check it out. Lots of free stuff there.

If you have any questions, let me know ([email protected]). I *might* consider doing Skype lessons to really motivated people, but you'd have to show me you're willing to put in some work at your end. I'd rather not waste my time with unmotivated, wishy-washy people.

I'm retired from my day job now and not looking for anything from anyone.