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go easy on me, I'm new

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I'm new to the board, so let me tell a little about myself.

I'm 20, been playing guitar for about a year. I have an SG special and an Ibanez 10w to practice on. I hit a creativity block about 2 months ago and decided to try playing in alternate tunings, which brings me to a couple questions.

first, I suppose, would be to know particularly what the tuning I've been in is called. it's CGCGCC, a whole-step down from what Creed/Alterbridge's Mark Tremonti plays in.

secondly, I've been wondering what chords I'm playing in a particular song. I started reading up on theory here, but I'm having trouble figuring out where to start in naming these chords.

xx2244 / DAEE
xx2222 / DADD
xx0000 / CGCC

any help (especially insight in the process of naming the chords) is greatly appreciated

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Hi and welcome.

Your tuning appears to be C with no 3rd (E), so you might call it C5 tuning as you only have the root (C) and the 5th (G.)

The C-major scale has the following notes: CDEFGAB

The 1st (I) is C, the root. Generally, a major chord will contain the 1st (I), 3rd (III) and 5th (V) notes, in this case C, E and G. With the III missing, you have only C and G, and that "chord" is called C5. 5th chords are also sometimes called Power Chords.

With the guitar tuned that way, I think these are your chords:

xx2244 / DAEE = I'd call this A5/D but it might have other names
xx2222 / DADD = D5
xx0000 / CGCC = C5

Hope that helps. :)

You might want to spend some time on the Lessons pages. The articles covering scales and chord construction are very useful.


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I had completely forgotten about signing up here! thanks for the help and my appologies for not saying that sooner.