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Good rock-ish songs...
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Good rock-ish songs?

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Hey, I recently got a new guitar for christmas(lost my other one quite a few months back :'( ) and I'm getting back into playing...
I'm into bands like ACDC, Metallica, Coheed and cambria, A Day to Remember, and the like. I've learned parts of quite a few songs, but get bored halfway through learning it...
Can anyone suggest something not too hard, but still interesting to learn and something that fits the above 'category'? I've been looking at learning Canon Rock, Arranged by JerryC... but the sweeping in it looks too intimidating for me...

By the way; I looked in the 'easy songs' section, but didn't see anything that I really knew(well, I knew some of it, but didn't really feel like it was something I would know well enough to learn on guitar).

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ive been [am?] in the same boat. Ive been putzing for years, and did much the same thing... start learning bits... then get bogged down, and get board with it... then move on to something else.... I finly focised myself to work on ONE, and it has helpped me move foward... Maybe find something that you kinda like.... and maybe someone you know likes, so you can learn, and play it for them. May not be THE song for you.... must just might be the one for who your playing for. I JUST learned my first all the way through [badly at this time... but its getting there] and it has kinda opened my eyes a bit to what needs to be done....

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Another person in the same category...

I can play a few metallica intro's, and The Unforgiven (badly!)...

Although I can play Black Sabbath's Paranoid which is quite straightforwards.

A few classic rock - although sadly not metal which aren't too difficult are:-

Born to be Wild
Wild Thing

I had looked at One, and again I do the intro, but not the rest, might have another look now :mrgreen:

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And if you get Wild Thing, you're 90% of the way to Louie Louie!

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And if you get Wild Thing, you're 90% of the way to Louie Louie!
and not too far away from Summertime Blues

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how about "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. I had posted a question in guitarnoise about a song that I sorta knew the guitar intro, but not the name of the song. I learned it was this one. I then went to youtube and listened/watched .
I think it is a cool song for guitar. the riffs are fun. the chords are Am G F Am .

this is a good live version

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You can try Seek and Destroy by Metallica. The rhythm part is not that difficult. The solo's are a different story

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