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Good Textbook for Rock Band Arranging?

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Hola Guitarpeople,

I’m a piano player / songwriter who has a good tune that would really work as a rock single. I’m fairly good at arranging folk or pop music, but never rock. (Meaning Lead Guitar / Rhythm Guitar / Elec Bass / Drums only) Also, when I say “arrange,” I mean I want to write out all the parts in full sheet music. I don’t just want to write out the fake chords.

So I’ve looked at some resources online, but didn’t find anything which was very helpful. I’ve also tried arranging my tune on my own. In my head, the tune sounds like Journey or Chicago are playing it… but when I play my arrangement in Sibelius, it sounds more like a 1980’s Atari game. Pitiful!

So can anyone recommend a really good textbook which would go through the ABC’s of how to arrange for a rock band? Or at least a guitar? I’d want a book with lots of practical examples written out in full notation. Too many of the books I see available are text-only with unhelpful advice like, “Keep your arrangement exciting!” I need to see the complete nuts-and-bolts of arranging for a rock band on paper.

Many thanks!