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Guitar Amp for beginner under near the $100 mark

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Hiya! This is my first post so sorry for breaking any rules :? . Anyway I'm planning to get myself a guitar to learn on...I don't know squat about guitars or music in general but I want to learn. I've already picked a guitar out. It's a Squier Affinity or Standard Telecaster depends on which one I can afford in a month.
I need an amp though so I decided to make an account here to ask more experienced people :D .

Basically I'll use this amp for just practice,strictly no gigs at all and I'll have headphones plugged in non-stop, I don't wanna disturb my parents. I'll even use it to record? If i can I mean...I don't know anything about recording..but basically I want something near $100 and has a good range of clean tones and a few distorted ones. Is the Roland Cube 15XL right for the job? Or are there better? Also thoughts on Fender Frontman 10G? I can get that one for just $70. I'll be buying the guitar and amp together so..I can't really take a guitar to try out some amps and I'll be ordering online so that's not really an option.

Sorry for the story-book of a question but I needed to make my situation a bit clear :P Thanks for your help!

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Try to play a Fender Mustang and compare. Not sure if it is in your budget, try to find some used amp. It has lots of effects and modeled amps.

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Take a look at the Fender Mustang I . It'll give you room to grow, has built in effects and runs $120.00

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Well a lot depends on what you like, and what you want out of it. If your just looking at something to get the sound out of the guitar, and not really looking at a tone at this point, I would just look to one of the name brand small practice amps. Your mainly looking to get something reliable at that price point. I picked up a old used Kustom 10 watt for my daughter. Sounds great with a single coil pickup strat, and my lap steel. Not so good with my LP. So I would just stick with a name, and not some off brand ebay amp, and It will probably serve you well.

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Roland cube