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guitar and singing

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I told some of my friends from school that i wanted to learn the guitar. and theyre all like "do u EVEN have a good singing voice?" i know this isnt important for guitar players but i was just wondering, do "most" good guitar players have good singing voices? i was listening to hoobastank and i was signing along with them and i muted it, following the lyrics, and it sounded HORRIBLE good god....although when i was following along with the music on, it didnt sound as bad. Is this normal? that ur voice just seems bad without the background music or something..?

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No you do not need to be a good singer to play guitar.

Yes it is easier to sing with music behind you, as you become a better singer it is easier to sing without music.

You become a better guitarist by practicing playing guitar. You become a better singer by practicing singing.

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Try singing in the bathroom. The walls will reflect the sound of your voice back to you, so you can more readily hear yourself.

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lol i cant do that it might hurt my ego :(

haha im just not a good singer, maybe i should practice that along with guitars? =P thanks.

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Don't fret over it. Your voice can improve with practice. Remember that what you hear is not what other people hear due to resonance in your head. If you want to know what you sound like to others (more or less) tape yourself.

I beleive that everybody can sing to some extent and that has little to do with playing guitar. if you want to play, play. If you want to sing along with yourself do it. In the end you only have to please yourself. I would wager that when you can play if you can sing in something approaching the right key those folks that put you down will be more that eager to listen.

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BTW welcome aboard.

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There have been times when I have specifically been asked to not sing.


A :-)

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Just try to sing (hum, whistle, and whatnot) as much as possible. If you know someone who plays piano have them hit some notes (in your range of course) and then you should try to match the notes. It wont be easy at first, but this will help inprove your pitch greatly!

Also, if all else fails you can let your guitar do the singing for you!

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I think it is impossible to gauge your singing abilities by singing along to a CD or radio - you are listening more to the singer on the CD and less to your own voice. You could be utterly tone deaf, yet think you sound like Freddie Mercury (or whoever your favourite singer is)!

Of course, getting backing tracks is not particularly easy (or cheap), so most mortals are stuck singing along to our favourite songs. If you must do that, try to find a place where you can sing along at the top or your voice (this is why I love my car). Make sure that the CD is not too loud to obscure your own voice.

The tip about singing in the bathroom is a good one. Another one is to hold up the lyrics on the CD to your face while you sing - the sound will bounce back and help you to hear yourself from 'outside' (this worked a lot better in the days of vinyl).

Most importantly, make sure you really listen to yourself when you sing. You may hit the stressed notes in a passage, but mumble through the rest .

And even if you can't carry a tune - keep singing! You will probably get better, and besides, singing is one of the fundamental joys of life that everyone should do more!

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