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Guitar Brands ?????...
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Guitar Brands ????????

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THe guitars I was looking at were priced at $1000.00 (Australian)

Like I said the price isn't the question rather the quality I am questioning , I basically just want to know out of them 3 brands which is the better quality ?

But I am getting the vibe it's not the brand or anything else it's sound and feel that a guitarist buys ..

Just wish I could actually say I am a guitarist ( maybe one day )

Dictionary meaning of a guitarist is : one who plays a guitar ...I practice and mess around ...

Twisted they are beauty's

One last question pick-ups

Active or passive ??? Whats that mean all have active pick-ups and the sales man told me thats what I need ( DO I ?)

Hilch :?:

Seagull is the most highly recommended brand of those three on these forums.
I'd go to the store and practice and mess around with them. Then I'd pick the one that sounded and felt best to me.
Basicly an active pick up has a battery powered preamp, I'd get the active.

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You really need to go play them both plugged and unplugged. Try a variety of Ovations because they come in different bowl depths. As much as I love Seagulls, Ray Davies was playing an Ovation and it sounded really good. Not sure what he was playing it through.
I know I get terrified playing in the store, but all you have to do is strum/ fingerpick a few chords and listen to the sound.

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play every guitar you can, you will know the one for you 8)

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Yeah, Fender entry levels guitars are crap. I have one of their more expensive models ($350, i guess thats expensive for a fender acoustic) and it's not so great either. sounds a bit boxy and tinny.

I have a Fender acoustic bought for me by my wife, and she probably didn't pay $350 for it (that's about £200)and it sounds fantastic, my guitar teacher normally swaps his for mine 'cos he can't believe the sound. My point is try all the guitars you can before you buy because you might just find an absolute gem for not a lot of cash

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my advice is to go to the store and play them all. You may pick one that is a no namer and sounds and feel great to you. That's the one you want, cause you'll enjoy playing it more and will continue without getting burnedout quickly. Don't be stuck on a brand. It will not make you a better player. There are 2 kinds of guitarist in the world, those who want to look good and can't play well, and those who play well and not worry about the brand. If your a good guitarist, you can make ANY brand sound GREAT!

good luck

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I too have a Fender acoustic DG14SCE, and I love it. It was about $600 Aus, but without electronics is around $400 now. Bought it about a year ago. I did play a Seagull that was $800 & it was absolutely beautiful but I couldn't stretch the budget that far. So I sat in the acoustics room at the guitar shop for about an hour, ignoring the salesman, the kids & my shoddy playing & decided that the Fender felt & sounded better for me out of all the guitars in my price range. I played some much more expensive ones that sounded worse but I've found that guitars tend to have their own personality & sometimes you get a good one & sometimes it's a dud. Have a look at reviews at Harmony Central, the same guitar will get 10/10 yet the next person will give it 4. We all have a different idea of what it should sound like & feel like. The best guitar for you is the one that makes you want to play every day.

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I would like to post something about Ovations, I used to love them and played one for a while... But ive been to some repair shops lately and Good god guys... Ive seen so many broken ovations its amazing. In one shop they had no less than 3 ovations with truly awfull cracks and broken necks and split panels and just awfull things that should NOT happen to a 5 year old accoustic. So I would recomend against them because you might very well be shopping for multiple ovations... But if you like the sound enough thats worth it to risk. And my end all advice here... *end all is relative* is... Close your eyes and play guitars, even if you cant chord right with yer eyes close, dont even pay attention to what the paint or finish is like, you may end up with a bright pink one with a Hello Kitty on it but you will be happy with the sound.


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See wich one breaks louder. no Just Kidding!!! No seriously don't do that. I realy like the Ovations. Trere Amazing.

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