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So, I've been playing for a while but I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to using an effects chain because of the style of music I used to play in my old band was very simple, tone wise (stones, faces type stuff).... I've been playing in this new band for about a year and I STILL am having trouble dialing in a great tone to compliment our style of music... it's indie rock/shoegaze/post-rock, dream pop in the style of bands like the appleseed cast, radiohead, sigur ros, the cure, blonde redhead, etc...

Currently my set up is as follows:

Tele > TU tuner > Fulltone OCD > Tube Screamer > Boss RE 20 (space echo) > Boss DD 20 > Amp (bassman clone)

I have some issues with the ocd because no matter how I set it with guitar volume or the pedal itself, when it over drives the signal, it sounds too crunchy, muddy and or early 70's and I'm not looking for that... I want the chimey, each note ringing out but breaking up nicely in a shimmery kind of sound heard in songs like appleseed cast's "Hello Dearest Love" or radioheads: "Electioneering", "Paranoid Android" and "2+2 = 5".... to the warm/syrupy kind of tones found on Muse's "The Small Print", and the chorus to "Hysteria" and "Time is Running Out" somewhat broad and I don't expect anyone to dig up all these songs and see what I'm getting at but it's the vibe I'm going for. Epic sounding stuff... somewhat progressive... oh and we're a five peice, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard.... ANY help would be soooo appreciated... because I'm lost....