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Guitar in tune

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Hi everyone,

I bought a guitar a few months ago and just wanted to find out how to keep it in tune easily?! I am a complete noob so getting it in tune by ear is impossible, everyone I know seems to be able to do it by ear... Or at least thats what they tell me,.

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Got an android phone or a tablet? Get a tuner from your App store - get a free one, there should be plenty there to choose from.

Tuning by ear is something you achieve after a lot of listening.

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I'm a relative noob to this as well, after about half an hour online I found that most people recommended an app called Guitar Tuna, so I installed it and it's pretty decent, easy to use.

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And let me add to Alan's suggestion.

Always tune your guitar before you play and check the tuning occasionally while playing. This is especially important for new players.


It will train your ear to hear what an in tune instrument is supposed to sound like. And that will help you play in tune with other instruments and if you sing, it will even help you sing in tune.

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Or just buy a guitar tuner. there are so many cheap one out there.

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