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Guitar learning path

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Hello everyone,

I've been playing guitar for over 2 years now, mainly acoustic but since 2 months electric guitar (now playing both). I've learned various things (learning from videos), from playing chords, to soloing, playing major scales, minor pentatonic (this one in all position pattern), as well as blues scale, lots of acoustic songs and not so many lead guitar ones. Lately I've started learning music theory as well, it helped me understand certain things, like how scales work, how chords are based of scales, as well as ability to read (not fluentl though) simple music notation.

But I've come at a point, that I'm not really sure what to learn. There are so many different things, that I'm not sure where to start. Is there any guideline, with list of techniques and theory that is prefered to be learned? Maybe should i find a teacher that will help me plan my learning path? I know it varies, depending on what specific person wants to play, but still, I think there are some core things that every guitarist should be able to do, I might be wrong ofcourse.

As for me, currently i practice improvisation in each key, in whole neck (playing pentatonic/blues scale), playing scales with metronome. Also practising the songs that i know and I'm working on, as well as playing the ones that i know good already.

My overall goal is to write and play my own songs.

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It sounds like you've made a lot of progress in just 2 years so credit to you there, however it also sounds like you've been sitting in your bedroom doing it, watching videos and reading books. This can stifle your learning and you sound like you need inspiration!

My advice would be to join a band, get out and enjoy yourself. Playing with other musicians is the best way to learn, even if you have aspiration to eventually write your own material.

Get out there...test what you have learned with other musicians, learn from them and don't be afraid to get things wrong.

Have fun!

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My overall goal is to write and play my own songs.

No time like now - get over to the Sunday Songwriters Group on this very site and dive in to this week's topic.

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