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Guitar Lessons

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Whats up everybody im new to this board and new to guitar and i have a ? for u. I bought my first guitar last thursday for my local guitar shop and signed up for lessons (this was before i found this site). I went to my first lesson which is $10 for 30 mins. a week, I learned 2 chords and i think the c scale. He told practice and memorize those for the week. I really just want to know if its worth it to have a teacher when all the info is on the web. I think im pretty good at doing things myself and i have some music sense (used to play trumpet, trumbone, tuba). Whats your take on it and when u started did u take lessons.


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Hiya, and welcome to Guitarnoise.

I learned to read music when I was six, and taught myself when I first started playing guitar. Then I started going for lessons when I wanted to learn Classical.


A :-)

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A good teacher can critique your technique, help you explore the music you like, challenge you to exceed your expectations, and show you things. Yes, I've found it's worth it. I know I've progressed much faster than I would have without my teacher. A good teacher is a fantastic coach.

By the way, welcome to the musical madhouse.

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I usually teach myself anything I want to learn, and tried this with my guitar for about a year. While I did pick up a few things, I also picked up a few bad habits.

I'm glad I decided to sign up with a teacher. Besides the feedback you get, a good teacher is highly motivating. Not only am I learning more, but Craig makes me want to learn more.

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I agree with PappaJohn. I was self taught for about a year and a half and although I progressed quickly, Six months later my Teacher is still tring to break my bad habits. Be patient, let your teacher know what you want (you are paying him) and if he doesnt understand, get a different teacher. In California $10.00 for 30 min is a steal. I pay $20.00 for 30min but my teacher understands what I want.

It will all come in time.