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[Sticky] Guitar Noise Forum Members who are also guitar teachers

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The idea of this thread's been kicking about for a bit, and for whatever reason it seems like a good time to get it going. So if (and only if) you are currently teaching guitar, please sing in on this thread and include whatever pertinent information you'd like, such as:
David Hodge
Private teacher of guitar, bass, other fretted instruments
Home studio at South Egremont, Massachusetts

also teaches and group classes at the Berkshire Community College, South County Center, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

contact via PM or at [email protected]

This way, if other teachers would like to contact you about something, great. And if someone has a specific question for a teacher, then they could ask directly.

Fair warning - I'll be deleting any posts that aren't from teachers in order to keep this thread (relatively) clean. "Clean" meaning "easily read for necessary information." :wink:


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Tom Serb

29 years experience as a guitar teacher. Offering private and semi-private lessons in Plainfield IL; private, semi-private, and small group lessons in Naperville IL. All genres; specialties are sight reading and music theory. I teach students from age 5 to ? (my oldest students are in their 70s).

Contact via PM.

Guitar teacher offering lessons in Plainfield IL

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Teaching guitar for almost 3 decades in various schools, adult education centres and privately in the UK, France, Thailand and Japan.
Now based in my native central Scotland, I teach a variety of styles, although my main focus has switched from classical to acoustic fingerstyle, especially providing my own arrangements of Celtic and other folk music. I'm a firm believer in the value of music theory as a means of providing guitar students with a solid and deeper understanding of music from a musician's (rather than simply a guitarist's) perspective.
I also offer personal online music theory tuition, and have recently begun to develop programming 'skills' (for want of a better word) as a means of producing my own music education software.

Contact by PM

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David Wagle
Teaching Guitar in the South Metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Teach in my own home or travel to yours.
Evenings only.

Contact by PM.

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." -- HST

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* Author of, "The Guitar Lesson Companion" - Finally a method book designed with teachers in mind!
* Guitar Instructor at Seattle University in Washington state
* Jazz, Blues, Rock and Folk styles, Electric/Acoustic, Ages 7 and up
* Free Guitar Lesson Library:

I help students build a solid foundation of practical skills that can be applied to the music of their choice. I wrote a method book designed for guitar teachers and their students; it's got all the fundamentals: Reading, Chords, Scales and Theory plus a CD that actually sounds pretty cool. It's provides teachers with a flexible format full of all the concepts and tons of exercises. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or you just want to talk shop.

Thanks and happy teaching!
Susan Palmer

Susan Palmer
Guitar Instructor at Seattle University
Author of The Guitar Lesson Companion
Free Lessons and More at:

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Rick Bland. I have been teaching Guitar and Bass for 8 years, both privately and in schools, and Adult Education. I have recently moved to Adelaide Australia, and i am looking to do the same. I teach from a home studio. I also coach in music exams, and music theory.

PM me, or contact [email protected]

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Shant Bajaxezian,

Guitar instructor & performer for more than a decade including local music institutes in Beirut.
Rock, Blues, Fusion, Metal, Acoustic, Classical...
A Complete Guitar Method:

Guitar Techniques offers a comprehensive guitar tuition for all levels to help you to:

-Develop all aspects of your guitar playing
-Understand music theory
-Improve your guitar techniques

Guitar Techniques offers a modern guitar method from beginner to advanced including a video demonstration with each lesson. The lessons are divided into three sections:

Beginner Section

Reading Music
Open position chords
Strum patterns
Barre chords
Power chords
Minor pentatonic scale
Scale exercises
String bending

Intermediate Section

Alternate picking
The major scale
Chord theory
Dominant 7th chords
Minor 7th chords
Major 7th chords
Bending with vibrato
Pentatonic scale shapes
Combining shapes
Essential licks

Advanced Section

Palm muting
Power chord riffs
Single note riffs
Suspended chords
More extended chords
Blues Scale
Major scale modes
Dorian mode
Economy picking
Sweep picking

Lessons are updated every week

Contact me by PM

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Edit: 26 April 2012 - I'd forgotten this thread existed

Alan Green

Guitar teacher, Little Cambridge in Essex UK. Also teaching at 10 primary and one specialist music school in Essex. Enhanced CRB available for inspection. Cleared to work unsupervised with children and the vulnerable by Essex Music Services and Cambridgeshire Music.

Beginners on up, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, classical guitar, music theory. Coaching for Grade Exams through Registry of Guitar Tutors, London College of Music, Rockschool and Trinity Rock.

Slots available, at my house, on Tuesdays or Saturdays - sorry, all other days are most definitely completely full and don't ask me to come to you because there's a waiting list for "Out To Student" nights.

[email protected] -

"Be good at what you can do" - Fingerbanger"
I have always felt that it is better to do what is beautiful than what is 'right'" - Eliot Fisk
Wedding music and guitar lessons in Essex. Listen at:

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Thomas Coffey (guitarteacher)
Tampa, Florida USA

Classical & Acoustic Instruction
[email protected]

If you want to be good, practice. If you want to be great, you must constantly change the way you think.

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Hi folks,

I've been teaching professionally for a number of years. Currently I teach from my home studio in Vancouver, Wa.
My speciality is electric rock based music--this includes classic rock, metal, shred, neo-classical(ie Malmsteen, etc), and some blues rock and fusion type stuff.

If you live in the area feel free to email me about lessons. Also, for anyone, please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding these styles of music...I'd be glad to help you on your musical journey.
[email protected]

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Well, I don't think of myself as the best teacher or anything.
But I can give advice on;
picking, legato, power chords, trilling, tapping,
pinch harmonics and whammy bar tricks, Sweep picking.
I'm not that great with music theory, but what I do know, I know well.

10 years playing experience, 4 years live performance.
I currently reside in Seattle, Washington, USA.



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I'm a professional guitar instructor that teach's in primarily Classic rock, Modern rock and Metalstyles. I've studied jazz in a local Conservatory but I don't really play it anymore. My focus is on learning music theory. I hardly ever call it this in lessons though. I either just show them or explain that I will be showing them how everything works together. Later when they are swimming nice and deep in it I'll break the new that they are actually learning the dreaded music theory. Guitar Songwriting is also a big part of my lessons.

I teach from my home studio and out of a store once a week. I hope some good discussions will start here. I think we could all help each other alot with our teaching stuggles!

I teach in Lebanon Connecticut and I can be reached by going to!

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I've been teaching private guitar, bass, and saxophone lessons in Exeter, New Hampshire (NH) for about ten years. I have a large selection of pre-written lesson plans on subject matters ranging from technique drills to music history. All of my lesson plans are available at my website for no cost.
Feel free to check it out at this link:
If anyone has any ideas on things that have substantially improved their curriculum drop me a line. I'm always interested in hearing about what's going on out there.

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Hey Everyone! Matias Rengel from Argentina
I have been teaching students from my country for almost 5 years.

I recently started offering Skype Guitar Lessons. I have attached a Video where I show everything about the Live Online Lessons:

I teach lots of stuff like: Guitar Techniques, Arrangement, Harmony, Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Improvisation, among many other things.
I try to work with lots of Music Styles like: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Bossa Nova, Samba, Chacarera (Argentinian Country Music), Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, Metal, among many others.

What I really love teaching a lot is Harmony and how to apply combine it with improvisation and guitar techniques.

If anybody's interested on my Skype Guitar Lessons, contact me at: [email protected]
or send me a Private Message.

Thank you for your time.

Matias Rengel

btw, I'm sorry if somebody doesn't like the line on the video that says "Learn EVERYTHING about guitar..." and "All Levels All styles"... I know I will always have lots of stuff to learn, and that I just can't teach everything about guitar, nobody can.. but hey, it is a promotional video.

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I have online video guitar courses and video chord library at . It includes a beginner's chord with Play Along series, Blues soloing, Fretboard Mastery, How to Solo, Music Theory, and Songs/Analysis. There are some free lesson samples for you there.

28 years experience playing and teaching with over 720,000 views of my guitar lessons on YouTube, thousands of subscribers and Facebook fan page. I also do live video Q&A/lessons/chat on on a regular basis. I can do private webcam lessons as well.

Will Kriski


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