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[Sticky] Guitar Noise Forum Members who are also guitar teachers

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Hi, my name's John Sizemore. I've been playing and teaching guitar for more than 20 years. I specialize in teaching absolute beginners. Both for encouragement and fundamentals.

I know how difficult the guitar can seem at first. However, there's a short period of this frustration before you move on to more advanced lessons. I specialize in getting students to this intermediate level so their comfortable to move on.

I have a website that teaches FREE Guitar Lessons For Beginners. Here you can truly learn how to play guitar

Learn How To Play Guitar With Today's Top FREE Videos. Learn To Play Guitar, See Reviews, Shop Beginner Guitars and much more!....

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Jack Sullivan

Been teaching guitar since 1975. Currently in Richmond VA.
All ages welcome.
Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B, Soul, Pop, Country

Contact info:

[email protected]

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Coire Walker. Teaches private lessons in the New York City area. Rock, blues, funk, songs, theory, songwriting, jam... Complete regiments of video lessons and other free resources at:

For private lessons in NYC or via skype:
[email protected]

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Hello, I'm Sean - I teach players from around the world. I specialize in music theory and application to the guitar, with the objective being to progressively free players to enter into any stage of their musical development, fully prepared to succeed.

If I can help, let me know. I tend to stay active in communities where there are a lot of opportunities to help and mentor others.



Guitar Instructor/Mentor
Online Guitar School for Advanced Players

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Hi, my name is John Wilmshurst and I'm a professional guitarist and guitar tutor for over 10 years, based in east London, UK.
I have played and toured, recorded and worked with some of the world's top musicians, engineers and producers.

I am an endorsee of Rotosound guitar strings and RJM guitar products and am working on free online lessons, articles and resources for those who want to learn guitar.

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Hi my name is Scott Jensen and I'm a guitar teacher. Kinda sounds like some sort of 12 step program meeting! :lol:
I teach private lessons from my home studio in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Check out my website for more information-

Check out my guitar blog at

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Matthias Young

Magnum Opus Music
Classical/Rock/Metal Guitar
Atlanta, GA
I run the guitar programs at Emory Continuing Education at Emory University and at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.

Having earned a Music Degree in Classical Guitar and having Heavy Metal influences, I have shaped both my performance and my teaching to create well rounded guitarists so as to not be bound by a certain technical style.

I teach private guitar lessons and guitar classes in Atlanta, GA and I have a book and DVD that will be released in about 2 months.

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Adam Hinchliffe - I teach guitar in the UK, West Yorkshire - mainly electric however can teach acoustic and the basics of reading music (Tend to write out all my strumming patterns in music to try give students an idea of how to use music but can also teach them to read the notes)

I have a blog
A youtube with some strumming lessons on -
And my teaching website which also has these video lessons on too

together we stand, divided we fall..........

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i currently live in ventura, california. i have a music minor and 20 years of playing experience. will teach beginners on up.

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Ben Rainey

-Private guitar instructor at Carnegie Mellon University, and previously at Chatham College in Pittsburgh
-Online guitar instruction at

Guitar instruction in all styles, covering technique, reading, theory, improvisation, and just plain learning fun songs.

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My name is Brian Riggs and I teach private guitar lessons in Chicago. My focus is classical guitar but I've taught pretty much any style you can imagine.

I'm new to the world of online guitar instruction, so my website is and I also a page at with free guitar lesson videos.

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Hi there,

My name is Dieter Ulrich Peise. I am the founder of, a website all around our favorite instrument. I've been teaching guitar for 25 years with specific focus on Beginners!. So, allow me to talk a little bit about how my website and personal services can help you to learn to play the guitar online. But before I do that, please don't hesitate to contact me with any guitar questions you may have. You can either do that by posting in the respective forum thread, email me privately ([email protected]), or by sending me a private message.

The Beginners Guitar Course:

Well, as suggested by name, this online guitar course was specifically designed for beginners. My students are typically folks who don't have any knowledge around the instrument or who had played a long time ago and like to start over. In short, this course is a reflection of my guitar teaching experience and offers the student:

1. To learn the instrument online, from the convenience of his/her home
2. Avoid costly 1:1 lessons
3. A modular learning experience, where each lessons builds on to the previous content
4. To have FULL ACCESS to me as a teacher - ALL questions get answered by me personally and timely.

To learn more about the Beginners Guitar Course, please click here:

The GuitarIngenuity Chordbank

If you want FREE access to a Guitar Video Chordbank that keeps growing by the day, this tool will allow you to look up and learn Guitar Chords fast. Pick the chord of your choice from a list, and a short high-definition instructional tutorial pops-up in which I explain exactly what you need to do with both of your hands to play this chord accurately. If you don't find the chord of your choice (which is highly unlikely!), you can send me a request and I will add a new video for that chord right away. Again, access is absolutely FREE. The Chordbank is useful for beginners and advanced players. Click here to register for free:

The Website

Guitar gear reviews, free guitar tutorials, newsletters, album reviews, press releases....everything GUITAR can be found at The best way to stay in touch with everything that goes on over there is to subscribe for free. Every time I add a piece of new content, you will get a quick notification via email and you will receive regular newsletters. However, there will be absolutely no spam or other non-sense. This is not just policy, this is my guarantee to all my subscribers.

Alright, enough said. I look forward to your questions, just contact me any time you need help and you will receive a prompt answer. Thank you.

Dieter Ulrich Peise

Free Lifetime Access to the Guitar-Video Chordbank:
My Online Beginners Guitar Course:
(Coupons for Guitar Noise Members available - please PM me)

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Hi my name is Ryan Duke. I teach electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Seattle,WA.

Guitar Lessons Seattle

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David Kendall. I teach music to special needs folks in the Nashville TN area. I teach many instruments, but the two favs are guitar and drums. I use a whole music approach, focusing on songs and history as a priority over scales, and usually more than one instrument at a time. Very challenging, yes sir. I did teach theory and orchestration for a bunch of years while I was a session player, but I only take one or two students a year for that now.

"Well, I hope the neighbors like THIS song!"

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Alex Bruce
Guitar Teacher in London, UK & worldwide via Skype
Regular contributor to various guitar sites and magazines
Happy to be contacted with any questions or requests here or at

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