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Guitar or Amp?

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I have a les paul epiphone electric guitar, and I'm attempting to play 115 by Elena Siegman. The sound I get does not at all sound the way I want it to. Is it the guitar or the amp? The sound I get sounds like an acoustic guitar on an amplifier, it does not have a really metal and mellow sound like I want.

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It's neither - the reason you're not sounding as you want to is that you don't have the amp set up the same way as the recording you're listening to. Turn up the gain, press the OD button, ramp up the treble and bass and scoop the mids. Closer?


What effects is the original recording using in studio?
What effects are added by software?
Does your Epi LP sound the same as a 57 Gold Top?
Are you using a JCM800 or a 10W Practice Amp?

Time to play around with your sound and see what you can come up with.

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