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guitar strings

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I am a beginner and just brought a Brunswick guitar model BD200 I've had it 2 weeks and been practicing quite hard and have sore fingers.
I've been told to change my strings as this would help.
The guitar is fitted with standard strings from factory
Please advise.

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Changing the strings won't help your fingers; they'll toughen up on their own in good time.

The strings that come fitted on your guitar might have been on there for a few weeks, or six months. It's not a bad idea to change them regularly - I change the strings on all 12 of my guitars every three months whether they look like they need it or not; I do this because I play professionally and play for some five or six hours a day every day and after three months my strings are dead. If you don't play that much then you might not need to change your strings so often.

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