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Guitar Tuners

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I have a BOSS TU80, it does have a metronome, and its better than the cheaper tuner I had before it. (a Quik Tune item from Argos that the needle used to jump about too much on, I never seemed to get on with it anyway).

I also have a Roland Cube 30 amp, I know its not a 15 but I'm just mentioning it as I think the Roland item I have is pretty good.

I'm not saying you should buy either, I'm just saying that I am happy with both so if you do go for either hopefully you won't be disappointed.

Good luck with your purchases.

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The guy at the guitar shop sold me the cheapest digital tuner they had- a Korg GA-40- for $20 plus tax. It does what it does, quickly and well. No muss,no drama. Small, sturdy, and useful. I then proceeded to get on with my life. Don't hurt yourself over this-save that for something else!

"Yes and an old guitar is all that he can afford,
when he gets up under the lights to play his thing..."-Dire Straits

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I wish you get the best tuner...

Jeez, how would you decide on guitar strings, picks and straps. :shock:

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