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Guitar vs guitalele...
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Guitar vs guitalele - which is easier for beginners?

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I'm a complete novice when it comes to guitar playing. A friend let me borrow her guitalele for a while and attempting to play it has frustrated me to no end. Would a guitar be easier to learn from scratch? I would imagine the added size makes it easier to hold, but is it easier for the fretting hand than a guitalele?

Sorry if it sounds a little vague :?

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Start with the guitar. These fad instruments are ok so long as the fad lasts, but the guitar is the only instrument that is present in every form of music on the planet.

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Are you interested in playing an instrument?

If yes, why guitar? What interested you about the guitalele? (I don't even know what that thing is....)

See where I'm going......

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This guitalele probably was with nylon strings, am I right?
Try with nylon strings guitar. These are great fo beginner

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I love the guitalele for practice and bringing it on the road. But if you are having problems with it, i say go for a full size one or a 3/4 one instead. Yes if you are into it because of the nylons strings, go with waylon's suggestions of the Yamahas. Otherwise, if budget permits, the little martin or the taylor GS mini.

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I'd choose Guitar as a mother instrument. basically your can go through Guitalele pretty easier when you are mastered in guitar itself. besides guitalele having more difficult tuning and necessiates an experienced teacher if you are a newbie. :)